2019 to 2021 ITGS

2.1 Business & Unemployment

Business Writing Assignment

E-marketing Google Draw

Scanner / Smart Car Presentation

2.4 HEALTH Websites

Diagnostic and therapeutic tools

Medical information, administration, marketing and sales

Medical research

Psychological and physical considerations

2.5 Home and Leisure

Digital Policing Day

Social Shaming Poster

Published and Broadcast Information

2.6 Politics and Government

Digital Political Campaign

Compare/Contrast Voting options

Government Information Website

Smart Weapons

2.2 Education and Training

Module #1

Module #2

Module #3

Module #4

HL 3.10 & 3.11

Legacy Assignment

Gantt / Pert Chart

Data Flow Diagrams

15.1 - Relationship Entity Chart

15.4 Waterfall/Agile Ghantt Charts

Case Study Assignment

16-2 DARPA Grand Challenge

  • 16-13 Robot/Human ART

Paper 3 -Case Study

Questions Level 1

Question #2a

Question #2b

How Technology Works

Possible Paper 3 Questions

Primary Source Update