3.10 Waterfall Agile Ghannt Chart

A software development company is planning to create a School Management Information System (MIS), including features for storing student personal details (names, contact details), reporting of grades to parents, teacher entry of grades, timetabling / scheduling of lessons, and storing medical details for the school nurse. The project is scheduled to begin development in July 2011 and be complete ready for use in June 2012.

Use appropriate software to:

a)Construct a Gantt chart showing the project schedule if a waterfall model was used.

b)Construct a Gantt chart show the project schedule if the agile model was used.

Megan Anway

Waterfall model

Agile model

Ashlee, Olivia, Barna- waterfall model

Erika, Mai, & Shreya

Waterfall Model

Agile Model

Kushpal Brar & Sahib Dhaliwal

Waterfall Model

Agile Model

Melody Huang

Matthew Nguyen

Agile Gantt Chart

Waterfall Gantt Chart

Tanveer & Brian