3.10 Legacy Assignment

A restaurant wishes to implement a computerized system to replace its current paper files for maintaining records of sales, purchases, suppliers, and staff. It is considering whether to use a commercial off the shelf application or commission a custom / bespoke application.

(a) (i) Define the term legacy system [2 marks]

(a)(ii) Distinguish between a project’s client and the end user. [4 marks]

(b) Explain two methods that can be used to train users on a new system. [6 marks]

(c) Evaluate the choice of a commercial off the shelf application rather than a custom / bespoke application for a business. [8 marks]

Mai Mai & Erika Tsuchihashi

Mai Mai, Erika Tsuchihashi | Legacy Assignment

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3.10 legacy assignment


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3.10 Legacy Assignment

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Legacy Assignment

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Legacy Assignment