Module #1

Create online curriculum for student

Open and free

Specific topic: Math, Science, Language, History

  1. Discussion board / questions
  2. Podcast about topic
  3. 2 free textbooks
  4. Possible games related to topic
  5. Possible assessment site

Location / connection to topic

Sahib Dhaliwal

Dhaliwal, Sahib- Module #1

Barna Rahimi

Module # 1

Shreya Chaudhary

Shreya Chaudhary Module #1

Megan Anway

Anway, Megan - Module 1 (Gathering Resources)

Melody Huang

Huang, Melody Module 1

Olivia Lack

Lack Olivia, Module #1

Matthew Nguyen

Module#1-Gathering Sources

Kushpal Brar

Online Curriculum

Tanveer Johal

Education Module #1

Erika Tsuchihashi

Module #1 - Gathering Resources

Mai Mai

Mai Mai Module 1-Gathering resources

Mai Mai

Mai Mai Module 2

Ashlee Hammer

Module 1- gathering resources

Brian Ehnes

Ehnes, Brian. Education Module #1