2.1 Online Writing Assignment

Respond to ONE of the prescribed titles in 400-500 words. It should be printed and ready to be shared at the beginning of the period tomorrow.

  1. To what extent does the data gathering mentioned in the Smart City section increase the potential ethical violations of institutions in the Smart City?
  2. How certain can employers be that monitoring employees activity will improve the work environment?
  3. To what extent do the disadvantages of teleworking for employers outweigh the benefits?
  4. How much evidence do consumers need before embracing the increased integration of IT in their shopping experience?
  5. To what extent do you think monitoring of employees improves their productivity?
  6. To what extent do the benefits of using RFID technology in supermarkets outweigh the concerns?
  7. To what extent are the benefits of online banking and its associated features outweighed by the problems which may arise?
  8. What role does security play in fostering acceptance of e-commerce transactions?

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