Grade 6

Reading- based on your notes on the read aloud in class, illustrate the short story “The Lottery Ticket.” Your illustration should summarize the short story. (Main idea.) Remember! By looking at the illustration it should answer the 5 W’s. (Who, what, where, when, and why)

Grade 7

1. Presentations on literary terms will begin tomorrow. Tonight please finish and work on material.

There will be no late assignments accepted. NO EXCUSES!

2. Reading log-please fill out and signed

Grade 8

  1. Reading- 3 comments

First- paragraph format giving feedback on the video

Second and third- comment on another classmates comments.

B. Finish reading chapter 8. Write a paragraph response to Merricks, Carr-Gom, and Treves interaction. What happened? What do you think of it? What did you learn about Merrick?


Grade 6

  1. Reading- read chapter 5. Illustrate the “Camp Half Blood” based on the text. Type 5-7 quotes that help describe your illustration.

Before typing it, annotate the pages that contain the details of the camp in your reading notebook.

Due Monday

Grade 7

Read chapter 6. On google classroom summarize the chapter in paragraph format.

Grade 8

  1. Reading- (Class Discussion) Review the videos on google classroom. Please choose ONE video to comment. You must respond to TWO other classmate’s response.

Your Post should contain-4-5 sentences commenting, critiquing, and suggesting what they can do to improve on the video.

Your response- 1-2 sentences agreeing or disagreeing with a classmates post.


Grade 6

  1. Reading/Writing- Critique your answer and quote. Must be typed and shared with me on Google Docs.

-Determine if the answer was correct.

- Does the inference follow the rules. (ie. did it restate the question, is it in their own words, connect with the evidence.)

- Is the quote written correctly? (ie. quotation marks, citation) Does the quote support the person’s inference?

Grade 7

Chapter 5 quiz- writing a short response.

Vocabulary quiz

Grade 8

  1. Reading- “Isolation Ward” project is due tomorrow. You will be responsible for presenting it as well.

-One set of index cards containing quotes that describe the Isolation. (pg#)

-On an index card please explain the use of the isolation ward and why Treves put Elephant Man there.

  1. Tomorrow every group will act out Treves and the Elephant Man


Grade 6

  1. Vocabulary- Please read and fill out the definitions on pgs 38-39. Complete pgs 39-40 in your wkbk.
  2. Grammar- take the diagnostic on noredink.com.
  3. Reading- reread ch 4. Write all of your quotes on loose leaf. Make sure you skip a line after each quote.

Grade 7

  1. Reading- Answer in paragraph format. Must use evidence to support your answer. Must be typed on Google Docs and shared with me.

How does Ponyboy relate to the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”?

2. Vocabulary- Complete 35. Write 10 sentences out of both set A and B. Choose 10 vocabulary words that you struggle the most with.

3. Religion- quiz on Ch 4.

Grade 8

1. Reading- Illustrate or build the "Isolation Ward." Write specific evidence that supports your creation. On a separate index card, please explain what the purpose of the "Isolation Ward." DUE FRIDAY- NO EXCUSES! Use the evidence from chapter 5 in The Elephant Man


No school on monday.

Grade 6

Reading- Google classroom. Answer the questions for Chapter 4. MUST USE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWERS IN COMPLETE SENTENCES!

Grade 7

  1. Pick one character from The Outsiders.
  2. Illustrate the character using evidence from the novel on computer paper.
  3. On a separate index cards please record 3-5 quotes that discuss the character. (Internal and external traits)
  4. The external traits must match your illustration.

Grade 8

  1. Reading- Please read chapter 4-5. Annotate the text. Type summaries for EACH chapter in paragraph format. Must share the google doc with me by Monday.

B. reread pgs 30-35. Analyze the interaction between Treves and Merrick. Take notes in your reading notebook.


Grade 6

1. Reading- Read Ch 3. Copy and answer the questions on google drive.

Grade 7

  1. The Outsiders- finish reading ch 4-5. Finish the two questions. Loose leaf will be collected tomorrow morning.

B.- Write a paragraph summary of each chapter in your reading notebook. Due Thursday.

2. Language Arts- Your diagnostic will be checked tomorrow in class.

Grade 8

1. Reread chapter 3. Complete a character map for each character that we have been introduced to.

b. Go back on google classroom and correct short responses.


All Grades need to finish classwork for homework.


Grade 6

  1. Reading- Reread ch 1. Read chapter 2, answer questions on google classroom. If any questions from chapter 1 was incorrect please correct it with supporting evidence. Due Monday.
  • When typing your answers in google classroom, it must be typed in COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!

Grade 7

1. Reading- Read chapters 3-4. Answer the questions in google classroom. Must be answered in paragraph format using supporting evidence from the text.

Grade 8

  1. Reading- Read chapter 2-3. Define the following words, manacles, languid (pg.11), cauterized (pg.12), capacious (pg.16), salubrious (pg. 21), protrusions (pg. 34).

b.) Complete the assignment on google classroom.

2. Language Arts- complete worksheet on prepositional phrases. (On google Drive)


Grade 6

  1. Reading- Finish reading chapter 1. Answer all 5 questions. Due tomorrow.
  2. Grammar- Identify the simple and complete predicate #6-10 on pg 315. Due Friday. Quiz on friday.
  3. Vocabulary- study and review for test on Wednesday Oct 17th.

1. In the story about the gods and titans, who was Kronos and what happened to him after the gods defeated him?

2. Why does Percy get angry at Mr. Brunner? How would you have felt in his position?

3. What do you learn about Percy’s home life as he’s watching the taxis on Fifth Avenue?

4. How does Percy get in trouble with Mrs. Dodds? Do you think it’s his fault?

5. How have things changed when Percy returns to the front steps of the museum?

Grade 7

1. Reading- Read chapters 1-2 of The Outsiders. Define 5-7 vocabulary words in EACH chapter. Highlight and annotate the text. (If you are borrowing a book this week, please take notes in your reading notebook. )

Grade 8

  1. Reading- finish reading ch 1, vocabulary, and google classroom. Due tomorrow.
  2. Grammar- Copy and modify #2-10 on pg 571.


Grade 6

  1. Vocabulary- complete pgs 31-32. Due wednesday
  2. Reading- Reread the story, make a list of character traits of Medusa and Athena in your reading notebook. Please label and identify each character.

Grade 7

  1. Language Arts- please study for subject/predicate test.

Read article "Study sheds some light on how neighborhoods affect poor teen boys" on google drive. Take notes in your reading notebook. Please be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow.

Grade 8

  1. Reading- finish reading the short story.

Write a one paragraph summary about the short story in your reading notebook.


Grade 6

  1. Vocabulary-complete pgs 28 & 29.
  2. Language arts- finish and complete #1-10 in exercise 6 on pg 308. Circle the simple subject and underline complete subject.

Grade 7

  1. Please login noredink with your nobls email ONLY.

-complete the assessment.

Please purchase The Outsiders.

Grade 8

  1. Vocabulary- Please complete pg 27
  2. Language Arts- test tomorrow. Please review subject, predicate, and sentence fragments.

Reminder please purchase The Elephant Man

ISBN: 0-345-34513-4

ISBN 13: 9-780345-345134


Grade 6

1. Complete the Practice on noredink.com

Grade 7

  1. Language Arts- copy and complete #1-10 in Exercise 7 on pg 323.
  2. Vocabulary test tomorrow

Reminder: Purchase The Outsiders

Grade 8

1. Language Arts- Complete #1-10 on pg 333.


Grade 6

  1. Grammar- Please login to noredink.com

-Click “Sign up for Free”

-Put in class code

Nice flag 56

**Username must be first name and last initial.**

Once you login please complete assessment.

2. Vocabulary test on Wednesday

Grade 7

  1. Vocabulary- Test on Thursday. Please study definitions.
  2. Language Arts- Copy and complete 6-10 on pg 321. Test on Subject and Predicate on Friday.
  3. Reading- please purchase The Outsiders.
  4. Science- copy and complete questions 1-4 on pg430 on LOOSE LEAF.

Reminder: No school tomorrow.

Grade 8

  1. Vocabulary: Test on Wednesday
  2. Language Arts: Copy and complete #1-10 in Exercise 6 on pg 331.

Reading- please purchase The Elephant Man.

Grade 8


MAP testing is over. Monday we will resume our work.

Grade 6

  1. Writing- Please login with your nobls email. Type me an email using the notes in class. Please answer the following question in the email;

What do you think you struggle with in ELA? Please explain. (1 paragraph)


2. Your test vocabulary test will be held on Wednesday.

Grade 7

  1. Writing- please finish typing the email. Don’t forget to share the document with me on Google Drive.

There will be no school on Tuesday.

Grade 8

please review for Unit 1 vocabulary test. Wednesday will be the test.



  1. Vocabulary- Complete page 17
  2. Language Arts- Review notes on the subject of a sentence.


  1. Language Arts- Copy and underline the subject of each sentence in exercise 3 on pg 319.

B. complete #1-10 in exercise 2 on pg 318. (Copy and underline)


  1. Language Arts- Copy and complete #9-15 on pg. 323. (Identify subject and predicate)
  2. Vocabulary- Quiz tomorrow 1-10. Must know the definitions.



  1. Language Arts- copy and complete Exercise 3 on page 305 in your notebook.
  2. Vocabulary- Complete pg 16 in wkbk.


  1. Language Arts- Copy and complete exercise 2 on page 270. (Please underline and label what you added to the sentence)
  2. Vocabulary- Write complete sentences for first 10 words in your notebook. Make sure to underline the word.


Grade 6

  1. Vocabulary- finish reading and annotating. Compare and contrast your annotations with the actual definitions of the boldface words. Which ones did you get correct? Using a check or (x) for your answers on pgs 14 and 18-19

b.) complete “Using Context” on pg 15.

Grade 7

  1. Vocabulary-complete pages 16-17 in your vocab workbook.
  2. Science- Pick ONE element from the periodic table and recreate it in your science notebook. Make sure to use color and label.

Grade 8

  1. Vocabulary- complete pages 16-17. Remember to use context clues to help answer the questions.
  2. Bring your Language Arts textbook tomorrow to class.


Grade 6

  1. Please be prepared to present your project in class.
  2. All materials must be in by Monday morning.

Grade 7

Reminder: tomorrow there is no gym which means NO GYM UNIFORM.

  1. All paperwork must be signed and returned.
  2. Writing- Using the information you gathered in your interview, write a memoir in your Reading Notebook. (Remember to review your notes from your notebook)

Grade 8

  1. Answer the copied questions in paragraph format in your Reading Notebook.
  2. Summer homework will be collected tomorrow.


Grade 6

  • Please visit the school website. Go to "Current Families" and click on "Class Pages." You read and explore Mrs. Garcia website. Write THREE questions in your Reading notebook.
  • Tomorrow please have your nobls or gmail so I can share Grade 6 Folder.

Grade 7

  • Finish your student selfies
  • Have all paperwork signed. Please bring all signed paperwork tomorrow.

Grade 8

  • label all notebooks
  • Bring your notebooks to class tomorrow.