Welcome parents and students to Mr. Maselli's Corner.

Here you will find important information that will help you and your child. I strongly suggest that you bookmark my webpage and log in often. As you navigate my webpage, you'll find four headers.

The "Home Page" will contain different themes throughout the year such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc..

The "Homework Page" will contain assignments which will be placed daily. So if your child has forgotten to write down his/her homework, you may quickly access the assignment here. Please note that the homework assignments will be deleted by Sunday evening before the start of every new week. I must do this in order to save space on my webpage.

The "Test and Quiz Page" will contain all dates of future tests and quizzes along with specific topics, pages and other pertinent information that needs to be studied.

The "Nativity News Page" contains all information that will be happening in our class and at Nativity as well. (Dress down days, half days, scheduled school closings, school concerts, and many other activities as well. ) This is especially important because many times our student's leave important messages and letters from Nativity or from me in their book bags or desks. By the end of the semester, they have accumulated a large amount of papers.

All the information on my webpage is current and accurate. Please keep in mind that times and schedules sometime change without any notice. I will always do my best to keep everyone in the loop. My page is updated almost daily.

If you need to contact me for any reason, I will provide all my parent's with my school email address or you may call the office and leave a message. I'm very accessible to my parent's and to my student's as well. I'll try my best to accommodate your schedule if we need to meet.

I'm looking forward to having a very exciting, fun-filled, interesting year.

I also look forward to meeting all of you! Sometime in the beginning of the school, year I'll be hosting a meet and greet. I'll be able to discuss my plans for my class for the new school year.

I will continue to pray for a blessed school year filled with much learning and growth for all!

I remain yours in Christ,

Frank Maselli