Innovation, Governance, Community Capital

The National Park Research Centre, based at InfoLab21 KBC, Lancaster University, brings world-class research and thought leadership to national parks and city green spaces in the following areas:

Innovation - new solutions, social entrepreneurship, application of smart technologies and Internet of Things

Governance - creative approaches to public policy making, business modelling, ecological systems analysis, strategic planning and knowledge management

Community Capital - effective use of parks and city green spaces, enhancing wellbeing and community resilience

Addressing tomorrow's challenges in new ways - by employing the latest approaches to inter-disciplinary and multi-method action research the Centre encourages and supports innovation in national parks, city green spaces and other protected areas.

Our Smart Parks programme supports innovatiion through the adoption of the latest information and communications technologies including Internet of Things (IOT) and integretation with Big Data.

Innovation Hub

Through a range of creativity initiatives including hackathons and challenge events for experts, practitioners, academics and students, new ideas are created and concept tested in preparation for further development and implementation.

The centre is working with the Greater London National Park City initiative in developing its future governance model. The Bank of Good Ideas will showcase examples of successful projects, pockets of the future, and good practices to encourage wide-scale adoption.

The recent survey of over 1,000 Londoners, conducted by the Centre, confirms broad support (85%) for the initiative and has identified needs and calls to action in a broad range of areas including sustainable development, education, physical and psychological wellbeing, community support, social amenities, wildlife preservation, culture, entertainment, security and park management. Further details are available at

Sponsorship Opportunities include research projects, innovation events, shared-cost consortium studies, benchmarking club, impact analysis and related market research.

Latest News

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