Teacher on Special Assignment

What is a TOSA?

For the 2017-2018 school year, the NEF has generously funded a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) position across the elementary schools. A TOSA is a teacher leader hired from within a school system, whose task it is to provide instructional coaching to their district. After 22 years teaching grade three at Brown School, Jed Stefanowicz received the TOSA designation in the role of Elementary Digital Learning Coach.

In this role, Jed will provide leadership, staff development, and job-embedded instructional support to all elementary staff in integrating technology to enhance teaching and learning. This role will build instructional technology capacity of personnel, and assist researching best tools and practices for incorporating technology into instruction and the curriculum. Rather than tech-support or device management, the coach’s role is rooted in instructional support, supporting teachers’ progress from their point A to their point B, while always focused on student learning.

Jed’s objective is to model and provide training in integrating technology to enhance instruction, helping shift students from consumers of content to creators. Classrooms are transforming into innovative learning spaces that feature coding, robotics, STEM challenges and design-thinking. Rather than using devices to simply access information or collect knowledge, today’s technology and resources allow student to curate and share their own thinking in dynamic ways, while apps like Twitter and Seesaw provide an opportunity to share that thinking and learning beyond the walls of the classroom.