Support for Parents and Allies of LGBTQ+ Youth

Greater Boston PFLAG: #1-866-GBPFLAG (1-866-427-3524)

This is a vital resource for parents and caregivers, an LGBTQ-trained parent or family member in the greater Boston area can answer your questions, listen, and provide important resources. There are monthly support groups available and their “1 to 1 Program” will match you via text, email, or phone call with another parent/caregiver to off support and advice based on their own experiences.

    • Helpline: A safe & confidential helpline with highly trained volunteers to offer support, to listen, and to provide resources. You will leave a voicemail and receive a call back.
    • Support Groups: These are groups for parents/caregivers of LGBTQ+ youth and are run by trained volunteers, many of whom are parents of LGBTQ+ people themselves.
    • 1 to 1 Program: For when support groups aren't for you, this program will match you with a trained individual who can talk to you and offer support and resources for those who are caring for youth with gender or sexuality issues.

  • Gender Spectrum offers a variety of national, online support groups in monthly meetings for preteens, teens, parents, Dads, grandparents and caregivers. Join a supportive community from the comfort of your own home!

  • TYFA develops partnerships with educators, healthcare providers and communities to build supportive environments which enable the freedom of gender expression and respect for all.
  • TYFA Parent Resources

  • By providing grants and funding, this program seeks to provide access to all information, services and support for transgender people and their families. A GBPFLAG program.

  • TrevorSpace is a supportive and social networking site for LGBTQ+ people ages 13-24, and their friends & allies. This password protected site will connect you with people all over the world as well as provide you with advice, information and resources.

Suggested Reading

  • By Eric Marcus, a book with 300 of the most frequently asked questions about LGBTQ+ people and their lives and honest answers. From what to do if you think your child may be LGBTQ+, is homosexuality a sin, how to tell your child a family member is gay, etc. Described as a must-read book for LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones.

  • A publication of PFLAG, this booklet is for anyone looking to learn more about how to support their "out" LGBTQ+ loved ones. It contains a range of helpful resources and information, expert knowledge, and tells stories of personal experiences.

  • A PFLAG publication, this booklet has questions and answers for parents, families, and friends of people who are transgender and gender expansive

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