2021/12/06 (6-8 Bands)


New Albany

Intermediate and Middle School Bands

Directed by Brian Coon and Darren Falk

December 6, 2021

6th Grade Program- 6pm

7th & 8th Grade Program- 7:15pm

6th Grade band program

Selections from “Essential Elements for Band” will include Rolling Along, Hot Cross Buns, March Steps, Lightly Row, London Bridge, A Mozart Melody, Jingle Bells, My Dreydl, Skip To My Lou, Old MacDonald Had a Band, Ode to Joy, and Hard Rock Blues. We may deviate from this list a little bit!

We Here, We Together (excerpt) Tony Zilincik

Commissioned through a McCoy Foundation Grant

Some Fun Songs we found on the internet-

  • Shark Attack

  • We Will Rock You

Gizmo, by Ralph Ford

Congratulations to the 6th Grade Band for the tremendous progress you have made this year! We are very proud to have you in the New Albany Band family, and look forward to watching your growth year after year. Please consider attending the 7th and 8th Grade program later tonight for a sneak preview of what the older bands do in Middle School.

7th and 8th Grade program

7th and 8th Grade Jazz Band

The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Moe Koffman, arr. Stitzel

Doxy Sonny Rollins, arr. Sweeney

Thank you to the members of the Jazz Band for reviving the Jazz Program at NAMS, which had to take a year off due to Covid last year. You’re doing great!

7th Grade Band

Impulse Power Naoya Wada

Raiders March John Williams, arr. Jack Bullock

Journey to the Stars James Swearingen

We Here, We Together (excerpt) Tony Zilincik

Commissioned through a McCoy Foundation Grant

Predators of the Deep Edward Kennedy

We are so grateful that our 7th grade members are back for a second year of Band after the most challenging Beginner Band year ever. Your commitment and enthusiasm has made this year a success story!

8th Grade Band

And to the Republic Ed Huckeby

We Here, We Together (excerpt) Tony Zilincik

Commissioned through a McCoy Foundation Grant

Zeeland Rob Grice

A Song for Friends Larry Daehn

Carpathia William Owens

The 8th Grade Band already has a long list of performance accomplishments this year, and we continue to be impressed with your growth and leadership in the school community. Your High School Band years are just around the corner and will provide even more amazing opportunities. Thank you for all you do!

6th Grade Personnel

2021-2021 New Albany 6th Grade Band

Flutes: Haydenn Clark, Akshanth Dongre, Addison Frericks, Mica Jefferies, Sophia Kosky, Aditi Koushick, Lilly Nasrallah, Valentina Suslov, Kaya Thakkar, Caroline Vadala, Grace Walker

Clarinets: Gracie Bailey, Carson Beatty, Nathan Campbell, Ellie Coleman, Andrew Crowley, Liam Douglas, Evan Basham, Maddie Fuchs, Sloane Karpe, Josh Klink, Scarlett Lovins, Landon Morris, Remy Nunemaker, Ela Patel, Sam Patton, Jason Poeppelman, Grayson Rhoads, Aaqib Salam, Claire Siegel, Quinn Slagle, Ryan Zand, Kat Maniatis, Nadia Rendek, Hong Xin Zhu

Saxophones: Jacob Goldsman, Ed Hock, Aanjali John, Kyle Kochendoerfer, Matthew Montes, Mason Ogle, Nethuja Palliyaguru, Jack Paradise, Garrett Parsons, Quinton Perry, Ghost Thomas, Max White

Trumpets: Jonathan Bailey, William Baumhackl, Mackenzie Castro, Daniel Christian Alvarez, Noah Dennewitz, Ryan Dolsky, Jude Drakulich, Ethan Hall, Troy Hammond, Max Gao, Andrew Green, Lily Hall, Saeed Hassan, Rylee Hidalgo-Segura, Aidan Howser, Gryffin Lagemann, Adrian McCane, Cash Mitchell, Tanish Nair, Nissi Olayiwola, Miles Pignatelli, Sam Rayan, Brody Reusch, Jonathan Sammons, Macy Smith, Beckett Sokol, Noah Thomas, Matthew Wafer

Trombones: Austin Benedict, Grady Clouse, Caleb Friend, MJ Kirby, Orin Ogden, Owen Rathburn, Henry Seng, Luke Sutton

Baritones: Tucker Case, Coby Frabbott, Luke Wheeler, Jonathan Yawson

Percussion: Gia Ellenberg, Nevan Mahadaanarachchi, Tatum Holmes, Ryan Marcelo, Ollie Martin, Will Meisner, Grant Miller, Hunter Sankovich, Lou Sharayera, Andrew Stinnett, Dan Wartenberg

7th Grade personnel

2021- 2022 New Albany Seventh Grade Band

Flutes: Chell’sea Campbell, Sarang Kim, Lily McEwan, Dylan Spurlock, Kellie Thompson, Allison Weisbrod

Clarinets: Addison Beaver, Nash Behnen, Ethan Bleiweiss, Charvi Puram, Brandt Siegel, Colin Staufenberg, Patrick Stucke, Andy Thung

Bass Clarinets: Nash Behnen, Patrick Stucke, Andy Thung

Alto Saxophones: Caleb Karthik, Sterling Miller, Anthony Novel, Arjun Ohri, Arnan Srivastava, Owen Zhang

Tenor Saxophones: Josh Byrge, Kavinu Palliyaguru, Mariah Williams Baritone Saxophone: Amanda Schamma

Trumpets: Rucha Deshpande, Daniel Harker, Bronson Mack, Max Wheeler

French Horn: Reaghan Kiwala

Trombones: Darrin Joyner, Destin Nguyen

Tuba: Jackson Pammer

Percussion: Tejas Menneni, Alina Slabodkin, Chase Growdon, Sydney Herbster, Nicholas Schafer

8th Grade personnel

2021- 2022 New Albany 8th Grade Band

Flutes: Camille Croom, Ella Davis, Janelle Falk, Olivia Horne, Wolfie Howe, Anderson Rice, Victoria Gonzalez Zorce

Clarinets: Ornob Amin, Sean Foley, Mia Hammond, Maggie Hill, Matthew Kirkham, Katie McMunn, Gabe Teeter-Rodriguez

Bass Clarinets: Avery Bartels, Gabe Teeter-Rodriguez

Alto Saxophone: Caiden Jones

Trumpets: Owen Basham, Owen Boutell, Madolyn Dailey, Henry Dunn, Clara Mendez-Falcon, Alex Stossell, Miles Walden, Rayna Wright

French Horn: Lyndsey Hilliard

Trombones: Abram Alvarado, Kate Bohman, Michael Botkin, Alexa Briggs, Brady Hogan, Kai Kauffman, Sarah Krzeminski, Grant McGraw, Ben Pesetsky, Rohan Thung, Chase Zatezalo

Tubas: Sam Silva, George Vergits III

Percussion: Ari Gillespie-Levine, Wolfie Howe, Jack Sasaki, Arul Shegoankar, Ben Yosowitz

Jazz Band personnel

2021- 2022 New Albany 7th/8th Jazz Band

Alto Saxophones: Sean Foley, Matthew Kirkham, Sterling Miller

Tenor Saxophones: Josh Byrge, Kavinu Palliyaguru, Mariah Williams

Clarinets: Brandt Siegel, Patrick Stucke, Gabe Teeter-Rodriguez

Trumpet Henry Dunn

Trombones: Alexa Briggs, Kai Kauffman, Destin Nguyen, Rohan Thung

Piano: Janelle Falk, Rohan Thung

Guitar: Tejas Menneni

Bass: Riley Snead

Drums/Percussion: Ari Gillespie-Levine, Alina Slabodkin, Ben Yosowitz

UPComing concerts

Tuesday January 18: 1/18 MEGA Band ALL NAPLS BANDS ! (Intermediate Gym)

Tuesday March 8: Grades 6, 7, and 8, 7PM

Wednesday March 9: HS Band Concert, 7pm

Tuesday April 12: HS Band Concert, 7pm

Monday May 9: HS Band Concert, 7pm

Tuesday May 10: Grades 6, 7, and 8, 7pm

All concerts are at the McCoy Center for the Performing Arts unless listed otherwise.


If your instrument needs repairs or service, please let us know. Representatives from Music & Arts, Rettig, and Buckeye Brass and Winds visit us regularly and can save you a trip to the shop!

If you are interested in lessons and need help finding a teacher, let us know! Some take lessons for extra help, and many take lessons to supplement their learning beyond what we can do in class. It’s fun to be good!

Seventh and Eighth Graders- “stay tuned” for info about a movie night in January sometime after winter break.

Scheduling is just around the corner. We will be sharing info with students and families during the upcoming weeks and months and welcome your questions when you have them!

Shameless propganda

Everyday listening skills are stronger in musically-trained children than in those without music training. Significantly, listening skills are closely tied to the ability to: perceive speech in a noisy background, pay attention, and keep sounds in memory. -Strait, D.L. and N. Kraus, "Biological impact of auditory expertise across the life-span: musicians as a model of auditory learning"; Hearing Research, 2013.

Research shows that making music changes the brain and that these brain changes have tangible impacts on listening skills, learning and cognition. -"Music, hearing, and education: from the lab to the classroom"; quoted in Northwestern University, September/October 2017.

Playing an instrument helps youngsters better process speech in noisy classrooms and more accurately interpret the nuances of language that are conveyed by subtle changes in the human voice. -"Why Music Education Matters"; quoted in the Phoenix Symphony, February 6, 2017

Students who take music in middle school score significantly higher on algebra assignments in 9th grade than their non-music counterparts. -Helmrich. B. H. (2010), "Window of opportunity? Adolescence, music, and algebra."; Journal of Adolescent Research. 25 (4).

Students in high-quality school music education programs score higher on standardized tests compared to students in schools with deficient music education programs, regardless of the socioeconomic level of community. -Nature Neuroscience, April 2007.