Naperville Central

Track & Field

The team's philosophy can be simplified to: WE/me.

Our goal every year is to build a TEAM out of individuals, 18 individual events, and 5 event groups. The sprinting, distance running, jumping, vaulting, and throwing Redhawks will go to work everyday to build each other to be the best versions of themselves. In challenging each other to be the best, the TEAM will flourish, because each individual will be flourishing. The individual can be good. The event group can be great. The TEAM will become the best.

This philosophy transcends track and field and permeates every facet of life. We hope all Redhawks that enter the RTF program, leave as the best version of themselves and are prepared to make their next and future communities better and stronger.

To do this we will work to be:

  • Healthy

      • Every day we will act thoughtfully and with deliberate action to change ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and competitively for the best.

      • Each day we will act to learn what it takes to get better AND why we do it. We strive to become students of the sports. Everyone should know not just what we do to be the best, but WHY we do it!

  • Hungry

      • Every day in and out of practice and competitions we will give and take challenges to be better today than we were yesterday. We will learn from our successes and failures and grow from all experiences.

  • Humble

      • In order to be our best we need to be honest when talking to teammates, coaches, and parents. Relationships are the rock of excellency. Honesty and trust build relationships.

      • We take pride in our successes, but value most of all winning in losing and never losing in winning. We know our competitors drive us to be our best and always deserve a handshake when competition is done.

  • Motivated

      • We are ready to challenge, celebrate, and pick up our teammates in practice, meets, and life. When life is tough, we will find strength in each other. When life is smooth, we will look to lend a hand. We are stronger together!