NEF 2017-18 Grant Applications

The NEF Grant Applications for 2017-18 are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted a grant request. Announcements will be made in Mid-March.

The Naperville Education Foundation’s (NEF) mission is “to encourage creativity, innovation, and excellence in our students.” The Naperville Education Foundation’s Annual Grant Awards are funded by community donations. Grant applications will be reviewed by teams made up of current and former NEF Trustees, D203 faculty, staff and administration, community members and District retirees.


This year, NEF will accept projects that correlate to D203 curriculum in two categories:

1. Social Emotional Learning

For this category, grants may provide opportunities within other curricula that reinforce SEL. For example, a grant might provide students with creative or unique opportunities to communicate new learning about SEL through writing or other media. An SEL grant that includes opportunities in Literacy may be eligible for the Alan D. Krashesky Prize.

2. STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

The grant review teams evaluate applications on the following criteria, weighted equally:

(1) Relevance to district STEM and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula

(2) Level of active engagement of students and effect on student learning

(3) Level of innovation and creativity

(4) Number of students affected

(5) Quality and detail of the evaluation

(6) Clarity of the budget



  • Submit an application using the Google Form. The application form includes the Project Cover Page Information, Project Description, Budget and Approvals. Applications will not be considered unless they are submitted through the Google Form.
  • You will need to complete your application in one sitting. You can use this Google Doc version of the form to prepare your answers in advance. Copy and paste your answers from the Google Doc into the Google Form.
  • Be specific and provide as many details as possible to assist with the thorough evaluation of your application by the review teams.
  • NEF may fund the purchase of technology only if it will be essential to implement a new or creative project in the classroom. If your project includes technology—hardware and software—it must be approved by the Department of Technology. Be precise and specific with your description of the technology associated with your project. If the IT Department has any questions about your project, they will contact you directly.
  • Write for the lay person and do not assume that evaluators are district personnel. Don’t use acronyms without explaining their meaning.


  • Grant applications may be initiated by District 203 students, faculty, staff, parents and District 203 Volunteers.
  • All applications must be associated with at least one D203 school.
  • Teacher/student collaboration is strongly encouraged when developing your proposal.
  • Funded grants must fully meet the stated objectives of the project. In the case of a student submission, this must be under the supervision of the Sponsoring Teacher or Administrator.
  • Materials provided by the grant become the property of the school where the grant originated and are not the property of any individual or group.
  • Grants are not awarded for fundraising efforts or storage materials.
  • Receiving an NEF grant is normally a one-time funding source. If you are interested in a longer term, multiple year initiative that aligns with D203’s strategic plan, please elaborate under question #13.

At the conclusion of your project, you will be required to submit a report consisting of an evaluation form and financial recap. Please remember to keep any documentation (invoices, receipts, surveys, videos, photographs, etc.) that may be needed to complete this report. Any unused project funds should be returned to NEF.

All applications are to be submitted through Google Form here.

NOTE: Click here for a Google Doc version of the application that you can use to individually or collaboratively develop your grant. Make your own copy of the Google Doc. When you are ready to submit your grant for review, copy and paste the responses from the Google Doc into the Google Form.

Questions? Call Wendy Goettsch, NEF, at (630) 420-3086 or by email at

Google Forms will be accepted from November 20, 2017 until January 12, 2018.

Only applications submitted electronically through the Google Form

will be accepted.