Bottles and Bards

Hosted by Oak Springs and the Barony of Namron

October 20-22

Longmire Lake off of N County Road 3340 in Stratford, Oklahoma 74872

Site Coordinates: 34.758081, -97.054463

Google Map: Here

**IMPORTANT** - Individual glass drinking vessels are NOT allowed! Brewers may utilize glass containers for classes/sessions ONLY.

This event is dedicated to Brewing and Bardic Arts! There will be classes and challenges to learn and grow as artisans and performers. Make sure you bring your ID, as there will be brewing tastings throughout the day!

This event will host Bardic Madness! This started in Northshield and has been successful in Midrealm and Calontir as well. It is a collection of challenges and classes to improve your skills and try new things. There are no competitions - everyone who completes a challenge is a winner and receives a token of appreciation!

Bardic Madness is a “bardic safe zone” event intended to encourage growth and creativity through a series of challenges, called fyts, and classes. The challenges are not competitions – everyone who participates wins by doing their best and trying something new!

Each fyt is hosted by a Patron. The Patron will welcome participants and provide a goody for every person completing the challenge.

Each challenge session consists of multiple fyts. Fyts may involve material prepared prior to the event (such as a Fyt to perform a period work) or may involve material written at the event (such as a fyt that gives participants a list of words and asks them to use them in a song, story, or poem).

Classes will focus on performance growth for participants and include workshops, improvisation, writing sessions, and other classes designed to improve performance skills across the board.

This event is sponsored by the Barony of Namron, which is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism. More information can be found on our website here: