Other Events

Jedi Challenge for teams of 3

The winning team will be determined based on the number of challenges completed (you do not have to complete all of them) and the number of points earned while doing them (based on best time, least amount of attempts, etc). You do not have to complete all challenges to compete, and they may be completed in any order.

Episode 1: Pod race

2 members pull a 3rd member on a shield to complete the Pod Race in the best time

Episode 2: “I Hate Sand… not like here, here’s it’s smooth”

Write a bad love poem with a minimum of 8 lines (bonus points if you write a Sonnet, there will be a prize for best poem as well). One member must then recite it to another, with appropriate acting and swooning. If you do not write a poem, you will be provided one to perform. Teams providing their own poem (which may be written in advance) gain a bonus point.

Episode 3: Gain the High Ground

Two members are blindfolded. One team member instructs their other two team members on how to maneuver around the lava, find their weapons, and get into position for the final blow. When in position, the person on the “high ground” must recite “I have the high ground” and “strike” their team member to win.

Rogue One: Gain Imperial Intelligence

Complete a quiz on medieval history (phones are allowed, but incur a time penalty) in order to decrypt the Imperial Plans.

Episode 4: Destroy the death star

Shoot your combat arrow torpedo through the exhaust port - two team members must destroy the TIE fighters before the 3rd person can make the shot for the Exhaust port

Episode 5: Hail the Emperor

Learn and play the imperial march on Kazoo. Bonus point for every team member that plays it on a recorder instead of a Kazoo (all kazoos and recorders provided)

Episode 6: Celebrate like an Ewok

Play the rhythm on the drum to lead the celebration. 2 members must perform the same rhythm appropriately in sync for 20 seconds. False beats restart the timer. The 3rd member must “belly dance”

Episode 7: Repair the Millenium Falcon

Complete the puzzle to repair the Millenium Falcon

Episode 8: Destroy the Dreadnaught ship

Use siege weapons to destroy the Dreadnaught.

FINAL BATTLE: Defeat Kylo Ren

Using boffer weapons, each team offers their best fighter to the Black Knight. If the first member is defeated, the next member may take their place.