Middle school/jr. high council

Welcome to your Middle School/Junior High Council!

Let's take a snapshot for our 2019-20 year of "picturing the possibilities!" I am excited to be your Middle/Jr. High School council chair. I have found being a part of a group to connect to and learn from is such a benefit to myself and my world . I am here to help you take views of NAEOP, and your state and local associations. They provide such numerous assets to your professional and personal lives.

Our Middle School/Junior High Council is a focused forum, a part of NAEOP that serves to share knowledge through professional development and networking for those of us working in middle and junior high schools. To make certain we address needs and issues in our area, I welcome your input, tips and tricks, ideas for training and experience.

This year find some time for yourself to connect with your coworkers and others. You might find that you can learn something new, make new friends and take your works skills to a new level. I challenge you to listen to the message and theme from our NAEOP President, Jill Averyhart, CEOE and DARE to "Picture the Possibilities!"

Brenda Spieker, CEOE, Middle School/Junior High Council Chair, 2019-20