High School/Career Technical Education Council

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Welcome to the High School/Career & Technical Education Council webpage.

NAEOP President, Jill Averyhart, CEOE, has chosen as her theme, "Picture the Possibilities."

I encourage each of you to reach out to your colleagues and introduce them to NAEOP and the benefits you enjoy with NAEOP, so they can do the same.

Beth Heyden, CEOE, High School/Career Technical Education Council Chairman

Board News

Since the areas were being realigned, a motion was made by the long-range planning committee at the winter board meeting to reduce the number of councils from six to four.

The changes include:

  • Combining the Administrative and Education Partners Councils.
  • Combining the High School/Career & Technology and Middle School/Junior High
  • Councils and re-titling the council Secondary.
  • The four councils would be Elementary, Secondary, Administrative, and Higher
  • Education.

The purpose of reducing the councils is to update the board composition and positively impact the budget. This does require a Bylaws change and will be sent to the members for a vote.


Hello Board Members,

The Foundation Board has just approved to provide a professional development credit of $10 on each registration for the 2020 NAEOP Conference. Hopefully, this $10 credit will assist members in participating in an additional breakout session. Please find attached a coupon created by Gayle Schnorenberg that can be used in any conference registration infromation, email blasts, newsletters, webpages, etc. When using the coupon marketing tool, please add the following statement - "Professional development credit provided by the NAEOP Educational Foundation." Please share this information with your area and council members.