Debbie Karcher

Chief Information Officer

Miami Dade County Public Schools

As the chief information officer for the nation’s fourth-largest school district, Karcher directs the information systems and a network infrastructure that includes more than 400 schools and administrative locations with over 390,000 connected devices.

She is an accomplished and creative executive possessing diverse experience and a proven ability to implement enterprise systems that revitalize operations while maintaining the integrity of its data and network infrastructures. She can capture current and future trends and incorporate them into an information technology strategy that readies the organization for the future.

Debbie has spearheaded cost-saving initiatives and system deployments that have received worldwide recognition. She has led a wireless initiative that provided campus-wide wireless access to all 400 locations and 30,000 access points making this one of the largest wireless initiatives in the nation.

She has an award-winning background that includes recognition as a nationally-acclaimed executive and a history for setting trends in the K-12 Technology.