We believe all Learners have the right to explore & innovate within a safe and secure environment.


The mission of the NACC is to ensure public education institutions across the nation have the tools and information needed to ensure advanced cyber threat protection for their networks, student information systems, and resources.

This includes access to relevant, timely, and expert guidance and thought leadership associated with the adoption of practical cybersecurity strategies and recommended best-of-breed solutions.


Comprised of current and former leaders from school districts around the country, the NACC will focus on several initiatives to protect school networks and student data, some will include:

Guidance to empower all learners to protect themselves from digital threats

Assisting school leaders with development of risk mitigation and response plans

Collaboration as a multiplying force

Action & policy that leads to new community norms

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- Dec 11, 2017 -

Summit Learning Blog post "A Vision for Digital Safety in K-12" by Philip Chui highlights the presentation from NACC Executive Board CEPTA presentation: Creating Safe and Secure Online Environments for Students.

- Aug 30, 2017 -

NACC Executive Board Advisor, Richard Quinones speaks with five K-12 leaders about the cost versus reward of education technology in the classroom. Roundtable participants include:

- Aug 3, 2017 -

NACC Executive Board Member, Jim Pulliam speaks to Toggle Magazine about "how even kindergarteners need info-security training" Click here to read more.

- July 25, 2017 -

2017 update to the U.S. Department of Education's Infrastructure Guide, Building Technology Infrastructure For Learning which includes contributions from our NACC Executive Board members.

- June 29-30, 2017 -

Members from the NACC executive board visited the Headquarters of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), USDOE, Homeland Security, and members of the US House of Representatives. Click here to read more. ___________


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