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Registration Deadline: ASAP Please

Cost as low as $50 / booth

WE ARE FULL !!!!! 72 Booths - Thank You Watertown!!!


The Gosling Career Fair 2019 has two purposes for the day.

Junior Students: During the Junior Class student visitations from 8:00-11:30am, vendors are marketing future opportunities for post-HS graduation.

Seniors and Public: During the rest of the day (11:30 - 2:00pm) vendors may look for hiring or registering Senior students or public.


6:00am - 7:30am <> Vendor Set-up Time

7:15am - 7:50am <> Light Breakfast provided for Vendors

7:55am - 11:30am <> Interaction with Watertown HS Junior Students (350)

11:15am - Noon <> Lunch provided for Vendors

11:30am - 2:00pm <> Interaction with Watertown HS Senior Students (possible hires)

11:30am - 2:00pm <> Career Fair open to the public

2:00pm - 3:00pm <> Vendor Clean-up Time

3:00pm <> Career Fair Ends - Gymnasium empty


$50 = 12x12 OR $100 = 12x25

(Download Floor Plan Here)

Fee includes:

  • Light breakfast and Lunch for Vendors
  • Table and Chairs
  • Electric Outlet 110v
  • WiFi access
  • Advertising for Event

Deadline: ASAP Please... First Come

Download Registration Form Here

Vendor Map 2019

Common Q&A

Here are some questions we have received with answers... If you still have questions - reach out to us and ask :)

Q: Do I have to stay for the afternoon "Open to Public" portion of the event?

A: no... If you have no desire to be present for the public portion (maybe you are not hiring), you are welcome to pack up at 11:30am and head out. Our focus on this event is exposure of are careers/jobs to our students at Watertown High School and we very much appreciate your investment of time being here in the morning!!! So if you wish to pack up quietly (not disrupting those booths around you staying) we are ok with that. BUT you are already there and there is no added cost for staying (or discount for leaving).

Q: Can I hire Juniors in the morning? Agenda says I can hire seniors...

A: Yes... We put on agenda you can hire seniors because they graduate in 2 months - BUT we understand some industries are able to hire Juniors for jobs and we are not discouraging that. Just know our focus is getting these students thinking about "What is after graduation"...

Q: How will the booths be identified?

A: We are NOT renting "Pipe and Drape" to save on costs (hence booth price is only $50...). We are looking at some DIY small poles for corners to assist in separating booth spaces so each booth is around 10ft x 10ft (or 20x10), but no draping. SO something big to be aware of - you will not have the tall drape wall behind your booth to hang a sign or banner... I know sometimes vendors count on that for advertising. We are looking at putting a standard size paper on each table with a stand identifying company, career sectors and "hiring" if so. We hope to have this template available online here in March.

Q: How do we access the internet at the Career Fair?

A: Watertown High School has a guest WiFi around the entire building. You will just select that WiFi with your electronic device(s) when you arrive and it should be free access. Just a note as this is our first year - we do not know how 70 booths access this and the student population will effect the wifi speed... I guess we will find out and know for next year. We ask for patience the first year if we notice difficulties with the added traffic. (the current system works fine with 1,300 students and all the devices we have on the various networks at WHS).