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Hello Room 23 Families,

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, September 27 - Fall Lifetouch Pictures

Field trip-Leonis Adobe. Our chaperones will be Mrs. Sweet and Mrs. Mavicheri. Thank you to the rest of you who volunteered to come, and hopefully I can take you next time! Chaperones must have a valid TB test and volunteer form on file.

Oct. 26 - Trunk or Treat Event.

Oct. 31 - Halloween Parade.


Please wear shoes that they can exercise in on Wednesdays and Fridays.


My Email:

Class Code for Zearn: GH7M7X

Curriculum News:

Language Arts:

Unit Title: Characters Facing Challenges Genre:

Comprehension Skills: key ideas and details, main idea, analyze characters


long "a" (a, ai, ea, ay)


  • break
  • rain
  • chain
  • say
  • day
  • stay
  • great
  • mail
  • paint
  • play

High Frequency Words:

many, near, off, people, right, school, that, two, under, very

Grammar: Contractions, irregular verbs, adjectives, adverbs.

Writing: narrative


Class Code for Zearn: GH7M7X

Module 3 - Place Value, Counting, and Comparison of Numbers to 1,000

This is a complex module in which we delve into base 10 and learn several strategies to add and subtract larger numbers. It is important that you check your student's work each day for neatness and accuracy.

** Module Tips for parents:



Science and Health:

Properties of Matter

Social Studies:

This week we are learning about being a good citizen.


This week we are learning about colors and lines.


Your students should practice typing skills daily. (Computer Wise Handout is in homework folder)

Students need to access Typing Tutor to develop keyboarding skills. If they practice at home, please make sure they follow the lighted fingers displayed on typing tutor, and that they rest their fingers on the home row keys. It's similar to learning to play the piano.

Grade key: pink

Password: bee

Weekly Enrichment Schedule:

Please wear shoes and clothes for PE on Wednesday and Fridays.

Wednesday, Psychomotor

Friday, PE


Independent reading is required for 15-20 minutes each night. Homework that involves reading counts toward the minutes.

Log into Zearn for daily additional practice and reinforcement of lessons as part of nightly homework.

Please send in head phones for your child if you have not already done so, so Zearn can be completed in class as well as at home.


  • Fluency
  • Math - Zearn


  • Fluency
  • Math - Zearn


  • Fluency
  • Math


  • Fluency
  • Math

*Homework is subject to change