Meet our Leadership Team. Our Program Director works closely with the business site team and the skill trainers to establish high expectations for the interns.  Our trainers engage with each intern as they begin their rotation, ensuring they know their tasks and also work with the rotation site to develop and encourage independence in the intern as they learn their role in the workplace.  Skill trainers display professionalism and model for the interns the characteristics they will need in order to be successful after employment so the intern not only "gets" the job but also keeps the job!  

Life-Changing Leaders

A Special Education instructor and job skill trainers provide initial training, perform job analyses, and act as mentors to the interns. The instructor acts as a liaison with the host business and works with supervisors to develop job rotations. The goal of the program is career exploration and eventual competitive employment in the workforce where they can use their skills and pursue a competitive wage, benefits and display the self confidence to know they are contributing to their community as independently as they can. 

Nick Vrettos - Program Director

Stephanie Burgess

Job Developer/Lead Skills Trainer

JoAnn Liston- Skills Trainer

Lindsay Stevens- Skills Trainer