Canvas LMS

In the fall of 2020, Canvas was adopted as the official learning management system (LMS) for the Warren County Career Center. The Canvas adoption process began for all secondary main & off-campus certified staff in January 2020 and training was delivered on a regular basis since that January introduction date.

For training, utilization & troubleshooting, please contact:

Winnie Milner, Instructional Edtech Coach

(513.932-5677 x5315

For infrastructure, IT assistance, & troubleshooting, please contact:

John Reeder, IT Director

(513.932.5677 x5566

Canvas is a cloud-based learning management system. It can be used to instruct and communicate on a 24-hour basis and will be used to create a fluid, collaborative and engaging learning experience.

To get started I recommend the Canvas Basics Guide. It contains:

Students and staff log-in to Canvas using their school issued Google credentials.

Canvas Info & Help Links

There are three ways to learn more about Canvas.

  1. "Training Portal" for videos & courses- It documents your progress for LPDC (found in “Help?” in Canvas navigation bar) This is a paid service to which we presently subscribe

  2. "Canvas Community" for a Listserv type interaction by helping each other (found in “Help?” in Canvas navigation bar)

  3. "Commons"- Place where other Canvas users share lessons, resources and collaborate in problem solving (in “Commons” in Canvas navigation bar)

Other than contacting Winnie or John, go to these for help.

  1. Get instantaneous help with "Chat with Canvas Support" (found in “Help?” at the bottom of the Canvas global navigation bar)

  2. Phone for help with "Canvas Support Hotline" (found in “Help?” at the bottom of the Canvas global navigation bar) The wait can longer, but is nice to talk to a person. Call 1-855-280-6147

Canvas Carnival Escape Room

  • better understand how Canvas looks from a student's point of view,

  • become familiar with Canvas' many unique features,

  • become more knowledgeable of Canvas so you can create your own content with more significant ease,

  • learn innovative ways to utilize Canvas, &

  • interact with 1,000's of other educators learning to use Canvas

Want more information about the Escape Room Process?

This Carnival Themed Escape Room was the brain child of Innovation Specialist, Ryan Corris from the Lakota District. To the left is a presentation about the Escape Room creation process. It's quite interesting! This is a video from the first iteration of the process as he has been working for the last several years to iron out the Escape Room Process. It just keeps getting better and better.

I went to a repeat performance of this session at the 2020 OETC, Ohio Educational Technology Conference in Columbus before public events were shut down. Just a few months later, February seems like eons ago! Anyway, it was there that I started in the this very Escape Room. (No I haven't gotten out yet. There is a lot of content in there!) I hope you come on in and join me!!!