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Student/parent portal Tutorials

I have a parent portal account, now what?

Learn how to quickly navigate through Infinite Campus' Parent Portal with the help of these tutorial videos.

Parent IC APP

Let's get moving with the Infinite Campus Mobile App! Learn about the features of the IC app which are highlighted in this tutorial video.

Transportation/ Message Center & USer Menu/ Documents

Transportation: Bus routes, departure and arrival times are covered in this short video.

Message Center/ User Settings/Menu: Learn about the message center as well as how to change the settings for notifications (account alert, grade updates, etc.) you receive from Infinite Campus.

Documents: Learn how to access your child's report card and schedules and to convert it to PDF.




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Grades: Accessing your child's grades in the parent portal is only a click away. These videos will show you how to see your child's most recent grades in Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

Middle School Grades


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High School Grades


Assignments: Allows parents/guardians to quickly access their child's assignments that have been entered.

Attendance: Learn how to access your child's attendance history and records.

Students Schedule: Learn how to quickly access your child's schedule inside Infinite Campus Parent Portal.



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Fees/Revtrack/Food Service

Fees & Revtrack: Lunch Balance low? Do Athletic fees need to be paid? Learn how to get to Revtrack via Infinite Campus to pay fees.

Food Service: Food Service keeps parents/guardians up to date on what their child is having for lunch and the cost.

Fees & Revtrack


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Food Service

Servicio de comida

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Calendar is an important tool for parents/guardians to stay connected and informed on late-start days, assignment due dates, and attendance.

Calendrier Calendario