New Checkout Process

It's here!

Exciting News!

We are excited to announce the new checkout process! We are ready to start having more COD's utilize the new process and help us find any issues that might arise. With the new process comes a few exciting changes. Here are some of the key features:

One Payment, One Checkout

No longer do you need to take your customer to two separate screens to sign up for the Education Course and the Green Chart indicators. It's done from one screen and utilizes one payment!

Much, MUCH Faster!

The site loads in less than a second. The user interface is clean, smooth, and responsive and finding the site will be easy through a shorter domain. Also, post sale, accounts will be automatically set up in a matter of seconds and minutes rather than hours and days!

Better Reporting and Visibility

This new system gives us much better reports through better COD linking technology and faster database sync times. This means commissions should be accurate and you will be given greater visibility to your sales. Hopefully in real time! (Still working on this...)

Accessing the Checkout

To access the new checkout page, you will no longer be sending customers to The new domain is

However, if you click this link you will access the checkout page in a "Default" view. That is, with no COD credit link loaded. Your potential customers will have to choose your COD and Rep from dropdown boxes. While this works, this shouldn't be what you want. You should use your unique COD link! Here's how the link works.

There are three main parts to the link have a look ->

The Domain


The REP ID (this is optional)

Discovering Your Link

COD Part

In order to determine what your link will be, you must first know what your COD Short Name is. It will most likely be an acronym of your COD's name.

My Trade Company would be MTC.

Make Money Now would be MMN and so on.

In some cases, we have two COD's with the same acronym. The acronyms were given at a first come first serve basis. You should be receiving an email with your link soon so look out for that.

Rep Part

If you are a COD that uses reps, you will use your reps first and last name, all caps, no spaces. If your rep's name is Steve Jobs, the rep link will be:


The number one rule here is that it has to be unique. If two people have the same Rep link in the same COD, you will have a nightmare finding out who's sales belong to which rep.

***Please note*** For full tracking of reps, it's a good idea to actually load them into the system so they can be found if a customer enters the checkout page without a link.

If you want your reps loaded into the system please fill out the form here.

Here are some examples:

If your COD's name was "Make Money Now" and you didn't use reps in your business, your link would look like this:


If your COD's name was "Get Money Fast" and your reps name was Jack Smith, your link for Jack would look like this:


Pretty easy huh?

Test Your Link

Make sure that your link is loading correctly before taking customers to it. You can know that the link is loading correctly if the meta data in the top corner displays your correct COD information.

If you have full integration set up with your COD and/or Rep, you will see a tracking code populate.

Again, make sure that your Rep links are unique!

How to Sign Someone Up

The process for making a sale has pretty much stayed the same. Direct them to your link, punch in a coupon code, sign them up, profit.

Direct them to your link

Have them read over the signup details

Apply a promo code

Explain the promotion details

Upon applying a promotion, they will get the monthly membership and the indicators free for one month but they must pay the promotion sign up fee along with the Green Chart fee at sign up. That is the figure you see down there.

Have them select their computer type

This is for the charting software

Read Through the Disclosures

Have your potential customer read through the disclosures and once they are done they will need to hit the "Agree & Continue" checkbox to enable the "Enter Payment Info" button.

Payment Information

Here is where your customers will enter their payment information. The required fields are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Card Number
    • Card Expiry Month & Year
    • Card CVV Code
  • Billing Address

Avoid putting special characters in the name fields. It's been known to cause some serious problems.

Thank You Page

After a successful signup, the customer will be directed to the thank you page. From here they can download the new installer that has all our tools bundled into a single package and they can also return to the sign up page.

From here our automated system starts setting up the customers various accounts. Please be patient as this process can take some time.

Once the accounts have been set up, you or the customer will see their credentials displayed on the screen. Please have your customer save these credentials.

The Email

The customer will receive a welcome email that looks something like this.

Make sure to have the customer check their spam/junk mail folders as it has been known to land in there occasionally.

In here the customer will have their Username and Password displayed along with a link to the learning system. Tell them to save this email for their records. We won't have an easy time recovering their passwords.

Congratulations! The Sale is Complete!

If you have any questions or feedback about this process, please feel free to leave some feedback by sending an email to