Students in Temporary Housing

The Office of Community Schools helps promote resources targeted towards students in temporary housing. Click on one of the subject areas below to learn more about how you can support your.

Featured Partnerships

The Floating Hospital: Healthcare for your Families in Temporary Housing

The Floating Hospital provides medical, dental, and mental health services to all families in temporary housing, even if they are unable to pay or are undocumented. They are also offering healthcare workshops for your students, parents and staff on a variety of different topics.

Refer your families in temporary housing TODAY, starting with this referral form.

See also their 2018 Back to School Guide for more resources and information.

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in learning more, reach out to Genaro Rivera at

Fundraising through Donors Choose

ALL Community Schools are invited to participate in Donors Choose. This is a site where you can register your wish list or desired items for your students, and donors can contribute these items directly to your school.

Please note: while Donors Choose indicates that teachers can sign up, anyone at your school -- Community School Director, DOE, or CBO staff -- can sign up!

Please visit their website to set up your page! You can also read information on how you qualify, and helpful tips in setting up your page.


Learn about McKinney-Vento and read recent articles and reports pertaining to our efforts

Learn how you can connect with shelter staff to best support your students living in shelter

Access health and wellness resources from which students in temporary housing can benefit

Explore options for students whose families may be facing eviction, or need other housing support

Find food pantries and other resources near you

Learn how you can access free transportation to and from school for your students in temporary housing

Learn how to access important information on which of your students are temporarily housed

Learn about an evidence-based model to combat chronic absenteeism

Resource Map

Use this interactive map to identify HRA Locations, Single Stop, and other resources near you!

Training Materials

To learn more about strategies to support students in temporary housing, please review our Supporting Students In Temporary Housing Webinar.

For more information on our Students in Temporary Housing Program, please refer to our STH slide deck.