Free Vision Screenings Continue for all Community School Students

Through our partnership with Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) and Warby Parker, last year we continued to meet impressive benchmarks screening 81% of students and distributing over 26,000 pairs of glasses. We are pleased that students needing vision correction will again this year be able to get new glasses or replace those that were lost or damaged.

As before, vision screenings and optometry will be combined in the same visit. This effort is a collaboration between the DOH Vision Screening Teams and schools.

Below you'll find resources to help CSDs have all the information they need to help the screenings be a success!

Timeline Overview

Better understand the timeline for vision screenings, along with key action steps for reach event.

*There are exceptions but DOH does their best to adhere to this schedule.

Vision Screening Tips

Keep track of your action items leading up to the vision screening with this handy Tip Sheet.

Coming Soon-- Guide for Finding the Perfect Space in your School.

Forms and Letters

Find all forms and letters needed for vision screening by language including,

  • Passive Consent Forms
  • Takeaway Cards
  • Post Exam Letter to Parents
  • Make Up Exam Consent Forms

Questions? Reach out to your Program Manager or Regina Burke, Community Schools Program Manager.