Through collaboration and partnerships with the Office of School Health and other community partners, Community Schools have access to a variety of health ervices to focus on healthy families and communities.

Asthma Prevention

In addition to the Asthma Case Management program (list of participating schools), the Office of School Health has many community partners committing to aiding schools in training their teachers and parents on asthma management.

For more information, contact Wilma Mitey (DOHMH).

Mental Health

Community Schools have a budget allocation for supporting a unique mental health plan of tiered interventions that support mental health of students and families. Contact your mental health manager for more information.

School Mental Health has additional information on resources to help implement your school's mental health plan.

School-based Health Centers

Many Community Schools have launched school-based health clinics that provide health services for students and families. In schools without a health center, in some cases, doctor visits can be arranged. For information about establishing a health center in your Community School, contact your Program Manager.

Reproductive Health

Free and confidential limited reproductive health services for high school students are provided by Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Healthcare (CATCH)

Contact Pamela Haller, Project Director of the CATCH program or Lorraine Tiezzi, Director, Adolescent Health for more information.

Vision Services

More information can be found here on the free screenings and glasses available to all students.

Contact: Regina Burke (DOHMH Community Schools, Program Manager) or your program manager with questions.

Dental Services

Office of School Health's Oral Health Program connects third-party dental providers to schools across the city. Services rendered are both preventative and restorative. (List of participating schools).

If you currently do not have the oral health program, find low to no-cost dental services for students and families in your borough here.

Additional Resources

Wellness Councils - the Office of School Wellness offers a range of resources for schools developing in-school wellness programs, including the School Wellness Council grant program.

Healthy and Ready to Learn Resource & Training Center- The Children's Health Fund provides schools, parents, and advocates with interactive tools and materials for topics ranging from trauma, attendance, and health issues.

Pupil Personnel Team Meetings - To address the needs of students who may be struggling academically or are exhibiting behavioral concerns, schools conduct regularly scheduled, cross-functional committees, often called Pupil Personnel Team (PPT) meetings, which feature in-depth case conferences. Meetings are held on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis as needed. More information in the Counselor Connections Toolkit.