Student Success Summit

The Student Success Summit is a weekly meeting to focus on students' attendance and barriers to their success. Facilitated by the Community School principal and the Community School Director, the meeting is a vital part of a proactive attendance strategy in NYC Community Schools.

Components of the Weekly Attendance Meeting

The weekly attendance meeting is a vital part of proactive attendance strategies in schools. The weekly meeting has four key components:

1. Consistent Time and Place

2. Principal and Community School Director Leadership

3. Use of Data

4. Connecting with Community Resources

Weekly Attendance Meeting: Helping Students Stay on Track from Magic Box Studios on Vimeo.


Tools and Manuals

  • Planning Worksheet to Address Chronic Absence. View Worksheet here.

  • Attendance Works Toolkit: Tips and Tools for School Leadership Teams. View Toolkit here.

  • Every Day Counts: Tips Manual. The guide details setting agendas, the inquiry process, and other useful tips for improving attendance. By following a set agenda and using an inquiry process, school teams can discover the root causes of absences, and find the resources that can help students stay and succeed in school. View Manual here.