Family Empowerment

Empowering families around attendance

Engaging and partnering with families is a crucial part of increasing students' attendance. Below are an array of ways to collaborate with families and welcome partnership within Community Schools.

  • Communicate with Families regularly about the importance of attending school. Check out these informative fliers by age group and share them with families at school events. (Many languages available!)
  • Family Outreach - Trust Building relationships with families requires trust. Trust includes:
    • Listening
    • Building community and community connections
    • Working together and collaboratively
    • Being warm, welcoming, friendly
    • Being transparent and communicating openly
  • Partnership Fairs are great ways to engage families and connect families to community resources, information, and services. Find tips and information about Partnership Fairs at Back-to-School Nights below:
      • Have a school-wide Partnership fair at the first Parents’ Association meeting, Back-to-School Night, or another school function that parents traditionally attend in the first eight weeks of the school year.
      • Include activities geared toward families and grandparents who are raising grandchildren.
      • Invite partners from the partnership list available through the Office of Community Schools.
      • Create a personalized folder for each family, with their child’s attendance data (i.e. include the student profile from the New Visions Data Portal) and a list of community resources.
      • Host student performances! Encourage students' leadership and support their talents. Or hold an awards ceremony and celebrate all improvements--no matter how small.
  • Connect Families with Resources throughout the year. Connect families with Community Partnership Program liaison, located throughout the City, who connects local organizations with schools. Check it out here!
  • Host a Community Forum.