Tom Houle, Director of Food & Nutrition x3045

Leah Botko, Nutrition Coordinator x3060

We don't just serve food.

We serve kids!

P-EBT Information

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Grab and Go and In-person Menu

February 2021 - Lunch G&G (1).docx
February 2021 - Lunch (1).docx
March 2021 - Breakfast.docx
March 2021 -G&G Lunch (1).docx

Please click here to view the Nutrient Analysis for the month of March. Please note that this is not medical advice and the menu is subject to change due to supply disruptions.

Any questions regarding the menu can be directed to thoule@nrsd.net

March Nutrient.pdf
Two of our lunch ladies wearing mustraches


Children and Chef Tom standing with their whisks and pans
Strawberries and kiwis in portion cups
Tray line showcasing sandwiches and hashbrowns
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