Math Rocks!

About Me

My name is Karen Walsh Fortin and I love math!

I have visited with all the students in grades K-4.

I played a game with the students, called "Find the Math." I had them recall something they did this summer which was fun and involved no math. Then I asked then a multitude of questions. For instance, if they went to the beach I might ask, "How long was the car ride? How many miles did you drive? Which route numbers did you take? What was the average speed? What was the temperature of the water? What was the temperature of the air? What was the difference in these two temperatures? How far did you go out? What was the depth of the water?" etc. After leading the questioning for a few students, I then asked the students to take on the role of questioner for another summer vacation example. Following this activity, I asked, "What did you learn from this game?" "Math is everywhere!" was the most popular answer.

I work with students in grades K-8. I want all my students to know they are capable of reaching any goal they set. It takes effort, hard work and grit- but They Can Do It!! If they tell me they can't do something in math- I remind them that maybe they can't do it YET, but with time and effort (and sometimes help) they can. Mistakes build our brain!

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