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Natrona County Schools offers a variety of benefits to its employees including but not limited to health insurance through Wyoming Employee Insurance Group, Wyoming Retirement, life and disability insurances and other investment benefits. This site exists to help you learn more as a staff member or a prospective staff member.

One Time Only Early Notification Incentive

September 6, 2017

Natrona County School District has worked diligently over the past two years to remain fiscally responsible in a time of projected declining enrollment and shrinking revenues. As part of a proactive response to continued projected decreases in K-12 Education revenues long-term planning and reduction approaches to budget development are needed over the next several years. Budget reduction strategies will be acted on as they are developed and the implementation criteria are met or available.

Natrona County School District will be offering a One-Time-Only Enhanced Voluntary Early Notification Incentive Program to eligible employees. The purpose of this one-time-only program is to proactively manage the workforce in the District and to provide optimum benefits to the students. To that end, this program will provide an incentive opportunity that encourages members to notify the District of their planned retirement or resignation early enough so that the District can effectively plan for succession and/or elimination of positions in times of shrinking enrollment and revenue. Participation in this program is voluntary and will be kept confidential.

For questions, please contact Director of HR Services, Kelly Eastes at 253-5370 or kelly_eastes@natronaschools.org.

Opportunities for further information and resources, including dates and times for planned information sessions, can be found by clicking on the NCSD Benefits Calendar here.

Please see the links below for more information:

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