Pride Tickets

What are Cyclone Pride Tickets?

Pride Tickets are given out by CYMS staff for positive behaviors that are safe, respectful, and responsible!

What do I do when I get Cyclone Pride Tickets?

You can use your Pride tickets redeemed in your core and around the school.

How do I get a Pride Ticket?

When a staff member sees you doing something positive in any part of the school they may encourage and reward you with a Pride Ticket.

In the Library

Redeem with Mrs. Wiebel or Mr. Boehnke in the Library

  • Monthly Drawing (in the Library) - Win candy and other cool prizes.
  • Front of the Lunch Line Pass (2 Tickets)
  • VIP lounge for one lunch period with a friend on a Friday (6 Tickets)
  • Buy a Card and Candy to send to someone else! (4 Tickets)

In the Office

Coming soon!

School Store

Redeem when you purchase something.

  • Cash in your ticket at the school store (1 ticket = $0.25)

Your Core

Redeem with your teachers.

  • Check with the teachers in your core. Often, cores have specific items.