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Fall 2017 Survey Results:

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The work of the CY Leadership Team, all CY Goal Teams, Departments, CORE Teams, and every teacher leader is what has helped CY meet State Accountability expectations! CY is the only large school in the district that met the State Accountability expectations! Thank you, parents, for your help and support! Be proud to be a Cyclone! Be proud of the hard work.

Parents who take the survey will be entered into a drawing for fabulous Family Holiday Baskets!!!!! Simply print the completion page or call the school office and let Kara Mahoney know that you completed the survey!

The purpose of the AdvancED Survey is to guide CY’s Leadership Team and Goal Teams as they develop strategies to help all students grow and achieve. Please do not use the survey comment sections to express concern about individual staff members. Those concerns may be addressed with a principal.

There is some terminology on the survey that may seem unfamiliar. When you take the survey keep the following in mind:

The term “Purpose Statement” is the same as Mission Statement.

•At CY we have a school mission statement and classroom teachers and managers have also developed classroom and team mission statements.

•The CY Mission Statement is: Focusing on our school and district strategic plans, we emphasize high expectations for student learning; we engage students in 21st Century skills; we celebrate achievement; and we create a safe and healthy environment.

Purpose and Direction Section:

•CY has a Comprehensive School Report, a plan with goals aligned to standards. It is on the school website. The plan, created by the Leadership Team and Goal Teams, reflects the work of the entire staff to help students grow and achieve.

Governance and Leadership Section:

•The reference to “School Leaders” is really all educator/leaders including classroom teachers, Goal Team Leaders, and Leadership Team members, and principals. This could also pertain to site or program Directors and Cabinet as appropriate. All are leaders in the education of students.

•“Governing Body” is the Board of Trustees – the School Board.

•“Stakeholders” includes parents, students, staff, and community.

•”Teachers” are certified staff members who interact directly with students.