King's View Academy

1649 Brunswick St, suite 101

Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2G3 Canada

phone: 902 429 5434

King's View Academy is a small, private, grades 7-12, university preparatory school that offers the Nova Scotia Department of Education Curriculum and High School Diploma. Our education model is student-centered. Everything at KVA functions as a support or a resource for each individual student, including print resources, online resources, content experts, and daily learning tips.

Our facility is at 1649 Brunswick Street, suite 101, Halifax, NS Canada. The "Halifax Academy" building, currently part of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design campus.

Our vision is the academically successful and university-ready graduate. These graduates demonstrate well-developed self-direction; a well-developed ability to learn in a wide variety of contexts with extensive or limited resources; and a comprehensive mastery of high school courses.

Our mission, the strategy we follow to reach our vision, starts with the commitment to prepare students for university success. Learning skills, self-direction, organization, expectation awareness, skill in goal setting and following, and the ability to maintain progress academically are at the core of our approach. Academics will follow, with success, for any student who first develops the previous list of abilities. With constant support in all of these aspects of academic development, we believe we have a program that truly helps students to be successful not only in high school, but university as well.

Apply to become a student at King's View Academy:

  • Learn as much about KVA as you can and determine if our education approach is worthy of your education needs. Please direct any questions to Dr. Derek MacDonald (principal).
  • Submit completed Application and Fee to or mail to the address above.
  • KVA will issue a Letter of Acceptance.
  • Submit Transcripts, Academic files (cumulative files), any test results that will help us create a program for you.
  • Determine and approve payment plan for your program.
  • Commence study at KVA. This coming academic year the first day of in-house school will be Tuesday, September 3. If you are an on-line/distance/correspondence student, school starts as soon as we have determined your program and courses.

We are currently accepting in-house students for the 2019-2020 school year.

We are currently accepting on-line/distance, and correspondence students for immediate start.

Here is a downloadable .pdf of this webpage/pamphlette.

King's View Academy pamphlette March 2019.pdf