Content Expert: Dr. Sarah Greening

Teaching Philosophy

"If you can't explain it simply than you don't understand it well enough"

- Albert Einstein

The above quote by Albert Einstein has been the driving force of my entire academic career, both as a student and a teacher. As such, when I explain concepts to students I always try to relate concepts to real life examples or use analogies that the student may be familiar with. To do this, it requires working one on one with students to identify their interests and learning styles. This also allows for me to easily connect with students, to build relationships that foster respect and engagement and therefore learning and ultimately mastery. My style of teaching involves the use of "Socratic questioning" to probe a students knowledge. Instead of simply telling the student the answer, I ask them a fundamental question, and depending on their answer I may ask another fundamental question/or concept. I keep asking questions until they start to put the puzzle pieces together. Once they have the necessary pieces, I then go back to the original question. It's the most rewarding experience to watch a student's face light up when they come to the answer on their own. They will also remember it much better this way, because they used their own foundational knowledge to piece together the puzzle.


PhD Organic Chemistry - Dalhousie University
BSc Chemistry - Biochemistry, University of Central Florida

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