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Transportation Overview

Transportation to and from neighborhood schools are part of the standard agreement for most of the Innovation Schools within IPS facilities. Schools can contract with a vendor to provide transportation to students out of the neighborhood boundary but should check with IPS first to ensure there are no conflicts.

School Leader Transportation Guide 2023-24

Transporting Students with Special Needs Handbook 2023-24

School Transportation Specialist Assignments

IndyGo Criteria for High School Students

For details on the IndyGo criteria for high school students, please reference the IPS website: Transportation – Indianapolis Public Schools (

McKinney Vento and Foster Care Transportation

Schools that opt into IPS transportation services and need transportation requests for McKinney Vento scholars must schedule training for the McKinney Vento hub portal. Training is offered several times throughout the year by the IPS McKinney Vento team. Please contact Charie Gibson for additional questions. 

You can find the 2020 version of the training at the following link:

Field Trip and Athletics Transportation

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