For Parents

Online Safety for Parents /Seguridad en línea para padres

Social Media Sites/Apps Our Kids May Be Using







Videos and More

  • Howcast: Videos include “How to Use Twitter,” “How to Use Facebook” and “How to Use an iPhone.”
  • Information and tips for parents about specific websites and apps.

Website help centers

  • Facebook: Learn how to manage your child’s account and report problems.
  • Twitter: Find out how to use Twitter and protect your child’s privacy.
  • YouTube: Read about YouTube’s safety policies and how to report inappropriate content.
  • Google: Browse through videos and articles for advice on using Google’s safety tools and how to manage your family’s safety online.
  • Instagram: Learn about the basics of this popular app and get tips for parents.
  • Snapchat: Understand how to use the app and what to do if your child is using it inappropriately.
  • KIK: Read about the app and how to report problems.
  • Skype: Browse articles about securing your child’s account and managing their privacy settings.
  • Tumblr: Learn about this blogging platform and how to manage your child’s account settings.
  • Pintrest: Find out how to use Pinterest and secure your child’s account.
  • Meetme: Get answers to your questions about controlling who sees your child’s profile and how to report problems