September Service Events

  • ~~St. Mary's Hospital for Children: (September 18th, September 24th, and October 2nd)
  • ~~St. Joseph's School for the Deaf (September 27th, and October 4th)

**Father Frank Schwarz, our chaplain, is seeking student volunteers to assist with the Religious Education Program at American Martyrs Church. Student volunteers will be instructing groups of younger students each week on Sundays from 8:45-10:30 AM. This is an excellent service opportunity for students looking to take on a leadership role.**



Service Experiences are scheduled on a weekly basis and permission forms are in the Service Learning office. Each permission form requires the signature of a parent/guardian as well as teachers if a class is missed. Endorsing the absence is at the teacher's discretion and students will be responsible for obtaining class notes and assignments.

All Service Experience permission forms must be completed [signed by course instructors and a parent] and returned to the Coordinator of Service Learning at least TWO DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT!

Please note that there is a limit to how many students can attend these trips because of bus capacity. Generally, the first 16 students that submit completed permission forms are the attendees.

Some opportunities may require more or less students.



The Congregation of Holy Cross has a deep-rooted tradition of faith education, strong community ties, and the mission to bring hope to all. The Charism of Holy Cross was then applied to the Vatican II Council’s call to Charity and Social Justice in order to create the Department of Service Learning in 1983. Since then, the Service Learning Program has provided an understanding of social issues in the classroom as well as an opportunity for young people to shape their community in a positive and meaningful way.

Within the first few weeks of the program, students learn they can make a significant impact in their communities by investing their time and sharing their talents. Since these two resources are developing in a personal way, the student experiences a unique educational journey through action and is empowered by success.


This program was created to help students develop social awareness and encourage students to respond to community needs effectively. This is accomplished by combining an interdisciplinary Classroom Component with a community-focused Experiential Component.

The Classroom Component primarily focuses on understanding the human condition, social justice, and character education. Class materials are interdisciplinary and explore a variety of topics including Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Human Biology, Ecology, Philosophy, and American Civil Law. These materials are examined with a Catholic Ethical lens and have strong connections with local non-profit organizations.

The Experiential Component is centered on a varied service obligation that has students respond to the needs of the community. The need to be served is to be chosen by the student from a pre-approved listing and must be approved by a parent/guardian. All service sites fit the basic criteria of being non-profit, person-oriented, and respond to a societal need. The type of service, service site, and hours approved are at the sole discretion of the Director of Service Learning.


Freshmen Year - 10 Hours of in-class service

Freshmen Service Learning Curriculum is centered on community. Students will learn about the Congregation of Holy Cross, our history, our values, and their role as the next generation of Holy Cross. As a micro-community in the classroom, they will work together on projects designed to foster their vision of the Holy Cross community. In the second half of the year, students will be asked to look outward as we discuss poverty, hunger, and people with special needs.

Sophomore Year- 20 Hours

Sophomore Service Learning Curriculum focuses on revelation. As Catholics, we believe God is constantly revealing the mysteries of life around us and we need to be receptive to it. This component challenges students to examine the world around them critically and respond appropriately. The experiential component encourages students to make positive change in their surroundings but in a very controlled and safe way. Their volunteer hours will be served at major school events, local middle schools/ junior high schools, or local churches.

Junior Year- 30 Hours

Juniors are tasked with one of the most important mission elements of Holy Cross- bringing hope to others. Students will be educated on professional behavior, safe environment practices, and demographics with complex needs. Their service can be chosen from an approved list of non-profit organizations. Many organizations have been community partners with our program and school for many years.

Senior Year- 40 Hours

Senior students are focusing on the concept of vocation. Through their classwork and volunteer hours at a site they are passionate about, we expect students to discover more about themselves and what brings a sense of accomplishment in their lives. This service opportunity will allow students to explore the lives of those in need and see the connections that unite all humanity as God's creation.