The Ragnarök Athletic Club is the only USATF sanctioned track and field club in Grand Forks. It provides athletes in the Northern Red River Valley with a chance to train, improve, and be introduced to the events of track and field. There are a series of meets throughout the area available to those who decide to compete. All event areas will be offered in some capacity, including the decathlon/heptathlon, sprints, hurdles, jumps, pole vault, and relays.

2019 Info Meeting

Stop by practice or talk to Jeff Bakke (jbakke260@mygfschools.org) or Sean Allan (coach_allan@hotmail.com) with any questions.


  • Grand Forks Red River and Central track and field/cross country coaches

For throwing events:

For distance:

General Questions:


The club fee is $75. This fee includes a USATF membership, a performance t-shirt, meet registration fees, All entries and USATF memberships will be taken care of for the athletes by the club.

For sprint/hurdle/jump/vault/multi-event training, there is also a $75 coaching/training fee. Regardless of whether or not the athlete competes in the summer meets, he/she will still receive a USATF membership. Between all of the coaches, this will allow you to train, at the least, two sessions per week. It's entirely possible that more than two sessions per week will be available. That will all depend on coach and athlete availability throughout the week.

The club fee and coaching/training fee brings the summer total to $150.

**FYI: This fee does not include transportation or lodging to any meets. Those costs must be furnished by the athlete.

** If you plan to place your focus on the distance running programs of RR/GFC or the summer throwing program, you will need to pay the club fee and their program fee. If you have no intention of competing in the summer meets, but would still like to train with the distance/throwing programs, then you only need to pay their coaching/training fee. Contact Jeff Bakke (jbakke260@mygfschools.org) with any questions.

***Checks can be made out to Ragnarok Athletic Club.


  • Sprinter/Hurdler trains all summer and competes in the USATF meets. (Club fee+coaching/training fee=$150)
  • Sprinter/Hurdler trains all summer but does not compete in the USATF meets. (Coaching/training fee=$75)
  • Thrower trains all summer with the throwing coaches and competes in the USATF meets. (Club fee+throwing program fee=$150)
  • Thrower trains all summer with the throwing coaches but does NOT compete in the USATF meets. (Throwing program fee=$75)
  • Sprinter/Hurdler lives out of GF and can't make regular practice sessions, but still wants to compete in the USATF meets. (Club Fee=$75)

Practice Sessions:

  • Sprints/Jumps/Hurdles/Multi-Events-
    • Practices-Tuesdays and Thursdays
      • May 28, May 30, June 4 at 4:00 PM
      • June 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27, July 2 at 6:00 PM
  • Distance-See info above for distance
  • Throws-See flyer above for throwing info

2019 Schedule:

  • June 15: Dakotas Association Championships-Fargo, ND (South HS)
  • Potential June Home Meet
  • July 7-8: Region 8 Junior Olympic Championships, Fargo, ND (South HS)
  • Potential July Home Meet
  • July 22-28 National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships-Sacramento, CA

Registration Form:

  • Fill in the form below or click the following link to open a larger form if that is easier to read.