Sedalia Tigers Remote Learning Behavior Tips

I can be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe online


I can use kind words in complete sentences when communicating to fellow students and teachers.

I can be kind to classmates and teachers in written posts and virtual activities.

I can use appropriate text etiquette by not typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It sounds like shouting!

In an online meeting, I will mute myself when I enter the meeting, raise my hand for my turn to speak, not participate in chatting unless directed by a teacher to answer a question, and listen to others in a quiet space.


I can log into Canvas each school day and complete my work.

I can use complete sentences when communicating with teachers and my peers online.

I can ask the teacher for help when I need it using complete sentences and giving important details.

I can submit my work in Canvas to the best of my ability.


I know not to share personal information online. I can talk to a parent or trusted adult for help.

I can visit web sites recommended by my teachers and parents.

Grades 2-5, can you spot good and bad online behaviors? Practice by playing this Nearpod matching game!