Administration and Labor (PAL)


PAL Advisory Committee

In partnership, the Fullerton Education Teachers Association (FETA) and Fullerton Elementary School District (FSD) prioritize a strong, professional working relationship between all using a systemized process called PAL, or Partnership Between Administration and Labor.

With PAL, both the district office and the local association work side-by-side to ensure all children succeed. Both the district and the association seek to sustain the work by building leadership talents.

Guiding Principle #1: Success for All

In an effort to stay focused on our most important asset, children, the FETA/FSD PAL Advisory seeks to ensure success for all including administration and labor. A strong partnership is key to success.

Guiding Principle #2: Student Success

An undivided and uncompromising focus on student success drives the FETA/FSD PAL Advisory committee. Through a strong partnership, students succeed physically, emotionally, socially and academically.

Guiding Principle #3: Equitable Distribution of Resources

All students in the Fullerton School District deserve opportunities and resources. The FETA/FSD PAL Advisory committee will ensure that all have opportunities for success through equitable distribution of resources.

Guiding Principle #4: Professional Strength

The FETA/FSD PAL Advisory will work closely to ensure that all work, teach and learn amongst top professionals who educate and support our students. The FETA/FSD PAL Advisory will work collaboratively to hire, train, and retain professional staff members.

Guiding Principle #5: Respect & Value

The FETA/FSD PAL Advisory will prioritize respect. A focus on value will ensure that employees' unique backgrounds, perspectives, and talents are key. All will focus on the highest professional standards of respect and value.

FSD PAL Administration and Employee Meeting Template

Updated PAL Template 2018-19 121718 .pdf

The above framework provides a visual for meeting processes that the district, unions and school sites use to partner with fidelity. One example of how this PAL process works is the partnership between the District Office's Department of Ed Services and the members of the California Teachers Association (CTA) Representatives. Three members of Ed Services meets with two members of the CTA Executive Board...