The long-term aims of the school are to attempt to resolve in some part the social disadvantage these pupils experience through excellent preparation for:

  • future employment

  • a healthy, proactive and positive role in society

To do this, pupils must be equipped with:

  • the knowledge, skills and attributes to access further education at 16 to increase chances of employment and widen choice into adulthood.

So, in order to start closing the academic and social gap between these and pupils and their peers in other schools, we aim for all pupils to leave with:

  1. Appropriate accreditation to facilitate entry into further education courses at 16. Ideally, this would be at least 3 GCSEs Grade 1-9 to access Level 1 or 2 courses. Other students will leave with a portfolio of Entry Level or AQA awards with a minimum of the core subjects of English and Maths at Entry Level or Level 1. This will provide external validation that pupils have basic skills as a starting point for continued learning and internal validation that success is possible.

  1. The necessary personal skills for employment, i.e. critical thinking, dependency and flexibility, interpersonal skills, problem solving and motivation

  1. Aspiration for the future and an understanding of the world of employment, through work experience and experiences of employment. (This will include listening to visiting speakers, visiting different sites and venues to understand what opportunities may be available and having the opportunity to develop skills ready for employment such as form filling and interview skills.)

  1. The emotional resilience and mental health to support the focus, attention and pressures of academic achievement and then to sustain the rigour of continued employment

Langham Oaks seeks to address the social disadvantage these pupils find themselves in. To do this these five core areas must be developed simultaneously through a curriculum which is planned and sequenced to accommodate the beginning of the pupils’ journey at Langham Oaks and which builds on developing skills. This will culminate in the relevant accreditation and self-knowledge, attributes and skills to move forward confidently into adulthood.