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With the director and CEO of Techo India University, Dr. Sujoy Biswas. His assurance to provide logistic support to us in organizing our upcoming seminar is highly overwhelming. We need more large hearted patrons like him to support us in our noble endeavour.

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While working in our areas, we have come to know that beyond this glitz there is a reality which exists in this rapidly developing smart city, Newtown. This reality is the dialectical relationship that exists between the newly settled inhabitants who are affluent enough to pay for all the opportunities that a smart city is suppose to provide and the original natives of this region has created a glaring social divide . The latter lost their agricultural lands during the phase of rapid urbanization of Rajarhat Newtown area. This resulted in the loss of the primary livelihood of many of these original natives. So now, they are struggling to seek jobs in other sectors for which they are neither well trained nor well equipped. This is rapidly increasing the gap between the newly settled inhabitants and the original natives of this area which needs to be minimized at the earliest. This is exactly why the intervention of an NGO is required, lest the original natives who are economically, educationally, and culturally way behind would indulge in activities detrimental to the welfare of our society.

Why should success be constrained by capital.When your neighbors are ready to provide guarantee against your loan!

90% of micro, small and medium

enterprises are getting less

than 4% loan from Banks!

Our target clients

  • The women who are in low - income group, who has no capital for their own.
  • The women who has no access to Banks.
  • Who are helpless and weak economically and socially.

How do we do it

  • We develop groups of target women in both rural and urban areas. We also provides training on skill development to those group members. Then we distribute loans among these members in small scale for developing their respective income generating activities.

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