Maria Vandenburg's Compass

This is the portfolio for Maria Vandenburg's completion of the MBA Program at the University of Westminster.

What I have discovered over the two year journey through the Director's MBA is that my own personal compass exists within truly embodying my Authentic Sense of Self.

The pages below capture the reflection of that.

I started at the University of Westminster’s Directors MBA program in Autumn 2017 not entirely sure what is next for me, but intuitively hoping that I would figure it out. Over the course of the last two years I have expanded quite profoundly in the following ways

  • · I have consciously sought identification of who I am
  • · I have been willing to step in, learn and grow from my fears
  • · I have sought to identify my strengths and my weaknesses
  • · I have connected to and refined both my purpose, vision and mission statement

Most importantly, I have learned to identify who I am at my core. I’ve connected to my compass, what makes me, me, what I call my Authentic Sense of Self. My Portfolio is an effort to capture my journey over the course of the last two years; the insights I’ve gained, the personal development I have gone through, and ultimately how I have transformed into a completely different person from the start.

I have mapped out my Portfolio or “Compass” in the following areas:

· Module Specific Reflections and Insights

· My Space for Risk – 30 days of Authenticity – which continues to be an incredibly transforming piece of work for me (as I am currently working on the final touches to release it to the public over the summer)

· Links to my personal blog where I have reflected on everything that has opened up for me over the course of the last two years

I entered into this program not knowing who I was, and I have emerged with a burning desire to be the change I want to see in the world. I have now moved into the space of wanting to dedicate my life to helping others to connect with the same realisations that I have made through this MBA journey. I want to help everyone to connect to their own personal “compass”, their own Authentic Sense of Self. I want to help everyone realise that we are all enough, just as we are. I have completely transformed not just from the work that I have done through this program, but from really tuning into myself and really getting to know who I am on a very deep level. I have a feeling that this is just the start for me.

So, why is this portfolio so important to this? It was only through tuning into my own personal compass, that I was able to consciously identify everything that I have thus far. It was only by connecting to my compass, that I am able to move into ultimately what I’m meant to do in this world. I will forever be grateful to the Westminster MBA program for the connection to that, my own conscious definition of my personal compass, my Authentic Sense of Self.