Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Sale


The Difference of LatinO2 Store is marked by a network of health specialists with the aim of helping people diagnosed with COPD to find and obtain solutions to improve their lives with COPD. Our mission is simple, and consists in offering people with a diagnosis of COPD a source of information and products that help them manage and treat their disease.


When making an investment in oxygen equipment it is important to know who you are dealing with and to be sure that they will be available to you in the future, if you have problems. We have been in the oxygen business for over 35 years and we are fully accredited. The accreditation process was difficult, but it was well worth it.

A prescription for medicinal oxygen does not have to mean that you renounce your freedom and independence. Get a new life opportunity with a portable oxygen concentrator! We can help you, whether you want a portable unit for.


Our research department is dedicated to collecting all the latest news about COPD in a place of easy access. Find the most up-to-date studies and information on COPD and other respiratory diseases. Watch the informatiovs videos so you can learn more and subscribe to our blog to be sure you do not miss any news or important updates!