Sample Course Repositories

The trouble with putting lots of energy into posting resources onto your LMS is that students lose access to it right after the semester ends. Using a website allows you to share content FOREVER!

You are EVEN even to limit navigation to certain pages so that you can keep reusing certain pages with static content.

It is an easy way for students to share their projects with the class and their work can be a resource for all in the future.

Here are links to courses/sites on the OLD Google sites:

Here are examples to NEW Google Sites which are a supplement to the LMS already utilized:

This course has not yet been taught (it starts Monday).

Currently, there is no comments function like the old Google Sites but there are workarounds (Inserting a google doc, Padlet, today's meet, etc.)

Unlike the old google sites, more than one editor can edit a google site at the same time (supposedly).