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How to enroll

If you are interested in enrolling in Advanced Technology Academy, contact the main office at 313-625-4701 for open enrollment dates and times.

New Options

New Opportunities

The demands of the new century require options for teaching and learning and new opportunities for academic and professional success. The curriculum offered by Advanced Technology Academy is intellectually engaging, educationally effective, and personally rewarding. It provides a practical link between classroom learning, higher learning, and workplace realities. The teaching and learning system at ATA is designed to excite students and help them see opportunities and set clear courses for their educational and professional futures. ATA is committed to the cause of educational excellence and individual accomplishment.


To provide students with high-quality interdisciplinary learning experiences that challenge students academically and develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. By building strong local partnerships with business and higher education, Advanced Technology Academy and our Ford NGL Framework Business Education Advisory Council encourage and prepare students for success in college and professional careers in fields such as business, engineering, technology and health care.


Advanced Technology Academy (ATA) offers an Early Middle College (EMC) Program where qualifying students earn all or part of an associate degree while earning a high school diploma.

Contact Mrs. Cynthia Andersen (EMC Principal)

for more information.


Direct 313-625-4683

See the EMC website page for more information

Concurrent College Enrollment Courses

ATA's mission is embedded in the belief that merging the last two years of high school with the first two years of college will better equip students for post-secondary success. This fusion allows students to earn - FREE of charge - college credits while being actively engaged in challenging courses. Similar to advanced placement high school courses, there are increased criteria and standards that must be met in order to receive concurrent course credits.

Students have an opportunity to receive concurrent enrollment credits (college credits). Presently, ATA offers classes through Lake Superior State University, Eastern Michigan University and Davenport University. Students are required to have a 2.4 GPA and pass the class with at least a 73%.

Concurrent enrollment classes are available in the three pathways of Business, Health Care and Pre-Engineering/Technology. Students in the Concurrent College Enrollment classes receive a transcript from the sponsoring college or university of choice after graduation.