Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 school year! It's going to be a fun year in the Bubb STEAM Labs!

Please, take time to learn about STEM and developing a Growth Mindset. These are both very important to us at Bubb. YOU can help your child in these areas at home too!

What is STEM?

The STEM Labs at Bubb focus on Science, and also include engineering, technology, and math. There is a huge push in education and society for students to be more prepared and confident in these areas before heading to college or entering the workforce. Science is engaging, interesting, and uses each child’s natural curiosity about the world to hook them into learning. Engineering is a way for our students to take their science learning and use it to solve problems and create innovative solutions.

In the Bubb STEM Labs, we focus on teaching students the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) which include science learning and engineering skills for every grade level K - 12. We want our students to understand the world, be flexible problem solvers, and creative engineers. Our goal is to make science, engineering, and technology relevant and engaging for all students. We want every child at Bubb to identify as a scientist, engineer, and coder now, so they might find a passion that they can turn into a career in the future!

Growth Mindset

Here at Bubb Elementary, all of us teachers are working with students to develop Growth Mindsets.

This means that we are working on building perseverance and encouraging students to try new things and take risks. We want students to put in effort, problem solve when challenges arrive, and feel confident in their abilities to think and try new things.

Other phrases we use a lot are:

- I notice you are really working hard.

-You are putting in a lot of effort.

-It's okay, mistakes help us learn.

-I'm proud of you for trying something new.

-I see you are stretching your brain!

Growth Mindset Videos for Adults

Growth Mindset Videos for Kids